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Video footage of the North Pole trip is now on the Submarine - North Pole 1971 page. 



Video footage taken by Pathe News of Dreadnought in 1963 with Commander Samborne in Command.  Good shot of Cdr Samborne and watch out for Alan Kennedy to pop up on the bridge.  Good shot of Ken Hardcastle as a UW2 operating the tube panel.  Footage in both messes at meal time too!



This is probably the best known video clip of the boat taken in 1968.  It starts with Ship Control  - Lt Paul Hoddinott on trim and Chip Hayward on the panel.   The next scene is in the JR's mess for tot time, with the usual rum rats circling - Eddy Edmonds, Ron Prevett, Ken Lewis, John Howard and Monty as Rum Bosun.  Olly Hards the Coxn dishes out the bubbly with Monty serving each tot - LEM Tomlinson is seen trying to see off his tot in one and Jock Turnbull looking on hopes he doesn't.

Next, is a quick visit to the bunk space and a shot of how not to get your hair wet taking a shower.  There follows a mess movie in the SR's mess followed by a young 21 year old Jan Harvey going into the tunnel (notice the amount of hair!!). 

Peter Appleby and Bruce Curtis are shown ditching gash - note just gash bags not metal canisters.

There follows wardroom meal time with David Pulvertaft, Tom Le Marchand, Andrew Mc Vean, Lt Higgins and Dave Tweedie.  Scouse Irvin is at the Library, there's quick shot in the laundry and canteen - Mick Wiltshire as the canteen manager (his prices for Bounty Bars would have pleased Dell Boy).


Last but not least, the last part is up the front end showing the fore-ends at work loading a tube with the Torpedo Officer Lt Higgins and TI Jeff Feast with Olly Burton and Jock Turnbull in support.


Video footage taken by the then "Coastal Command" for Pathe News of Dreadnought sinking the bow section of the German tanker.  The tanker was deemed a hazard to shipping carrying  6000 ton of neat Alcohol and Acetone.

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