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                    HMS DREADNOUGHT     

                       carries out rescue in the

                     Malacca Straits 27th August 1973

The story as remembered with some help from the news media


On August 27 1973, HMS Dreadnought whilst transitting the Malacca Straits became involved with a rescue operation after two ships collided during a monsoon downpour.


During this deluge, Dreadnought was closest to the spot where the Cypriot tanker 'Anson', (20,000 tons approx) and the Panamanian registered freighter 'Carnation', 7,000 tons collided. This collision was roughly 65 miles North West of Port Klang.


Using the fore-planes as a landing stage, Dreadnought picked up 35 survivors from about eight sea boats from the Carnation.  A submarine is not well designed for rescue at sea.  However, all was not lost, the only space to take that number was the fore-ends - so down the forward  escape hatch they went out of harms way.

Both the Coxswain and PO Chef were quick in identifying who could speak any English with the new arrivals.  The omen was good - it was Carnation's cook.  As all this activity took place during the forenoon, it was soon lunch time and watch change.  The PO Chef was quick off the mark and invited the cook from the Carnation down to the dry store to choose a few litres of rice, tins of bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and anything else that would fit into a Chinese nosh.  This was a good move as the PO Chef invited the cook to his stainless steel galley to cook for his ship mates as long as he would knock out a nose bag for the whole crew.  I can tell you from the experience the smell that wafted the boat during the cooking cycle was unbelievable.

After having such a top nosh meal we had to say farewell to our guests - we couldn't keep the cook though, we might have got caught.  Later in the day, our passengers were transferred to HMS Tiger and HMS Rhyl to finish their journey back to Singapore.  Once the transfer was completed Dreadnought continued to Singapore no worse for wear but slightly adrift from its programmed time and a good run was had by one and all.

And what of Singapore?  For many it was a first visit, for others a chance to visit old haunts.  The whole ship's company was victualled in HMS Terror - "Butlins of the Far East."  Accommodation and meal were .  Sport, cinema and dancing were all available on the base.  One of the many excellent facilities was the Chinese Dhoby firm - providing of course you didn't mind starched knickers.

DO shipscompany 1973.jpg

HMS Dreadnought ship's company 1973

              alongside in Singapore

This was a surprise, nobody realised there were so many pairs of white shorts on-board

                 JUNGLE TRAINING 1973
           or how to avoid duty watches & hide food under a beard!
How it all started...
Jungle ANZUK letter.jpg
Scouse Walmsley having his annual bath in the swamp.
Scouse swimming in the jungle.jpg
jungle training.jpg

 Names that can be recalled:

Dave Bartlett, Sharky Ward, Charles (Ivan Thompson (cheese or marg hidden in beard), Bill Till, Scouse Walmsley, Hamish Hamawi, CO Cdr Paddy O'Riodan, LtCdr Maley, Rich Haliday, L/Stwd Russel, Tony Curtis,

Lt Mike Samborne, Richy Richmond & Billy Meek.

If you can name anyone else in this photo let me know and I'll add them to the list,  Thanks Jan H


Charles Ivan Thompson, commonly known as Charles Ivan or Thommo the hat!  If you'd seen his hat, you'd understand!
Chales Ivan in the jungle.jpg
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