2021 Re-union & AGM

Message from the Association Secretay Florrie Ford:

Sorry for the delay incoming back to you regarding the reunion next year but I had been waiting for Isle of wight Tours to get back to me.  Firstly, we have abandoned the idea of holding the reunion in Morecambe the Council had no record of them adopting Dreadnought and were not particularly interested in us going to the Town also there were no suitable hotels that was reasonably priced that could accommodate us all. So we thought it would be practical to move the venue back to the midlands to be more central for everybody. Secondly holding the Reunion Midweek was causing people who had Grand Parent duties to perform problems and also the Hotels were more interested in business customers during the week. So what Isle of Wight have come up with is going back to Nottingham and holding the reunion of Saturday 6th March 2021 but as per usual we have the hotel for the weekend for those who wish to make a long weekend of it. Attached is the program for the weekend with the option of booking one, two or three nights if we are not happy with the trip to the Arboretum ( don't forget we have a plaque and tree there) on the Saturday, I can ask them to change that if enough people want it. 


 I must stress this is our bi-annual reunion which coincides with the 50th Anniversary of Dreadnought surfacing at the North Pole so everybody are invited to attend and help celebrate the anniversary

 Please send your deposits to Isle of Wight tours but please let me know you are coming


Lastly Robin Whiteside has asked for a little help (see below)


In the run up to the 50th anniversary of our surfacing at the North Pole on 3 March 1971, I’ve taken it into my head to create a nominal list spreadsheet of everyone who served in Dreadnought throughout her life.  This is partly in order to establish exactly who went to the North Pole.  The list will contain no personal information (like addresses or telephone numbers) that is not already in the public domain, so there will be no risk to anyone’s privacy. 


In due course Florrie Ford will be contacting everyone in the Association (whether they went to the Pole or not) about next year’s reunion; please keep the week of 1 to 5 March 2021 free until you hear from him.


The spreadsheet column headings will be:


1 Surname and initials, 2 Christian name/nick name, 3 Rank when in the boat, 4 Job on board, 5 Date joined (month & year), 6 Date left, (month & year), 7 Month & year of death, 8 Whether he actually went to the Pole.  Those who are sadly dead obviously can't tell me when they died, but their friends may be able to provide the info.


If any of you have any contact information for Peter Aldous or Martin Murray, or know of anyone else who might have, please let me know.  We’ve “lost” them and, according to Navy List Research, they're both still alive. 


Robin’s email address is robinwhiteside@btinternet.com



Looking forward to seeing you all again














2021 Reunion postponed for the time being!