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  Easter News Letter 1978

'An editorial submitted by "Appy" Andy Robertshaw -  Dreadnought 78 to 80 when the back aft bit conked out.  He found this "New Letter" whilst clearing out his loft (new name for a bilge).

Interesting article, it covers a lot of ground and it's the time Cdr Hugh Michell was relieved by Cdr (Sam) Salt.

The letter is in PDF format and it there is a scribble on one side of the letter showing £140.  In his words , he "can't remember what cost that price but it must have been worth it."

The news letter is in PDF format so just double click on the Icon to have a read - Jan the Scran was still going well by the looks of it.

Inserted Jan 2018

HMS Dreadnought Families News Letter 1978
                    Easter in the Med
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