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HMS Dreadnought Association

"Fear God and Dread Nought"

S101  SSN01

The association was born around 1980, triggered by a discussion held between "Florrie Ford" and "Roley Rogers" after a meeting with the late "Dave Tull" - a Chief Stoker extra-odinare!  It began as an anniversary to Dreadnought's North Pole trip in early 71 (a long time ago). What started off as a meet up /gathering to celebrate the North Pole trip, turned into a "shall we do this again" general meeting - (after much wine was consumed I might add).

The first dinner became an impromptu discussion group of both crew, wives and partners.  The important questions being: how often and where?   Going to the extremities of natural homes for submarines, Faslane, Guzz and Barrow were quickly ruled out as geographically unsuitable for those at the opposite end of the country.  It was decided at that very first meeting to keep it somewhere central - Nottingham, Derbyshire Staffordshire.  Only a couple of times has that changed and everyone seems to have settled for the midlands.

The association gathered momentum with "Florrie," "Roley" and "Dave Tull."  As it progressed, support came in from the late "Terry Spurling" and "Derby Allan"(back-afties of the first degree).   Only a short time ago the association sadly lost its back-afty webmaster (Derby Allan).  Like all associations, as the years tick on members are lost along the way but never forgotten.  Over the past couple of years Florrie (a "dabtoe" of the radar plotting persuasion) has been at the helm, calling in assistance if and when needed. 


Sadly our Webmaster and shipmate, Jan, has left us. This site is what it is, largely due to his efforts.

Many thanks,  Jan.

Graham has been joined by another backaftie, George Elton, and they are doing their best to fill Jan's shoes.

Should you wish to get in touch with Florrie, Graham or George use this contact form or the one on the Contact page.

Many thanks.

Thanks! Message sent.

At anchor in Lamlash Bay

Acknowledgement to Chas Cooke - web master for the HMS Courageous Association in helping with some graphical photo tweaking during the build up of the site.

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