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Does anyone have any photographs relating to the keel laying of the boat (12th June 1959).  John Davies (now 90) was part of the ceremonial guard and would like to find any photo's of that event. I know there is one in the "First Five Years" brochure but it shows the Royal Box only with HRH Prince Phillip and others covered in gold braid.


If you have any,drop me a note.  JanH 30 June 2019

Can any one from the early days help put an answer to this enquiry?  I can only surmise this came about when Cdr Samborne and others went to the States for training in 1959.  Lt I Cochrane did commission the boat. 


Name: Jim berg


Subject: Silver
  dish Lt. I. Cochrane

Message: Hello. I
  have been trying to research a silver dish/bowl. It is inscribed “to the
  captain/officers of USS Skipjack in sincere appreciation LT. I. Cochrane RN,
  HMS Dreadnought. I have researched as much as I can. The dish was made in
  1906, the year the hms dreadnought battleship was commissioned. However, the
  skipjack and dreadnought in the inscription I assume are not subs because I.
  Cochrane was an officer on the sub. I am trying to find out why this was
  presented to the skipjack and what the significance was. I haven’t been able
  to determine if Mr. Cochrane is still alive Thank you Jim

September 2019