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Can any one from the early days help put an answer to this enquiry?  I can only surmise this came about when Cdr Samborne and others went to the States for training in 1959.  Lt I Cochrane did commission the boat. 


Name: Jim berg


Subject: Silver
  dish Lt. I. Cochrane

Message: Hello. I have been trying to research a silver dish/bowl. It is inscribed “to the   captain/officers of USS Skipjack.

in sincere appreciation LT. I. Cochrane RN,  HMS Dreadnought.


I have researched as much as I can. The dish was made in 1906, the year the HMS dreadnought battleship was commissioned. However, the skipjack and dreadnought in the inscription I assume are not subs because I. Cochrane was an officer on the sub. I am trying to find out why this was presented to the skipjack and what the significance was. I haven’t been able   to determine if Mr. Cochrane is still alive Thank you Jim

2021 Re-Union Update - email from the Association Secretary...

Dear all


First off, I would like to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a Happier and healthier 2021


Has  you know we had to cancel the proposed next years reunion because of Covid-19 and it did not help with Isle of Wight Tours going into liquidation now that there is light at the end of the tunnel  and some sort of normality may return some time after Easter. In the new year it is my intention to start planning again It has been suggested that I look towards around 21st October  (Trafalgar Day) which will be 61 years after Dreadnought was first commissioned so another occasion to celebrate  by moving the reunion to later in the year, I hope that they should have the pandemic well under control  and hopefully everybody would have had time to fit in some holidays to recover from the horrible year we have had to endure. I will try and stay in the Nottingham area and to the same format that Isle of Wight tours did.



Again Robin Whiteside has asked for a little help in his first request for help compiling his

nominal list spreadsheet of everyone who served in Dreadnought throughout her life.  This is partly in order to establish exactly who went to the North Pole.  The list will contain no personal information (like addresses or telephone numbers) that is not already in the public domain, so there will be no risk to anyone’s privacy.  To date Robin has received no information so please help and provide him with the information for his spreadsheet


The spreadsheet column headings will be:


1 Surname and initials, 2 Christian name/nick name, 3 Rank when in the boat, 4 Job on board, 5 Date joined (month & year), 6 Date left, (month & year), 7 Month & year of death, 8 Whether he actually went to the Pole.  Those who are sadly dead obviously can't tell me when they died, but their friends may be able to provide the info.


If any of you have any contact information for Peter Aldous or Martin Murray, or know of anyone else who might have, please let me know.  We’ve “lost” them and, according to Navy List Research, they're both still alive. 


Robin’s email address is,

Or contact me:



                               Proposal for a "Cold War" museum!

There is the potential for an excellent future for HMS Courageous outlined below by Ian Whitehouse. I believe that this will be the one and only opportunity to save a Royal Navy nuclear submarine for future generations which should be grasped as the opportunity will not happen again.  Can I ask if the message below can be given as much publicity to all S/M Association membership to enable the target to be met.  Your anticipated help in this will be greatly appreciated.


Below is a link to a crowd funding page for a project that Rear Admiral John Weale (recently retired FOSNI & RASM) and Ian Whitehouse (ex CO Sovereign) are working on with Plymouth City Council and the NMRN to establish a new Cold War Museum in Plymouth, with Courageous at its core, as part of the Devonport South Yard regeneration programme.  Detail of the proposal is found at the link. In essence, it is to remember the history of the Cold War from Plymouth which was the home of both the S and T class submarines, and the SM School before all training and operations migrate north to the Clyde and we lose the unique history of operational submarines in Plymouth. The intent is to try and raise £40K by Christmas such that we can complete a scoping study of the feasibility and costings for a Cold War Museum (Sub Hub) to include what work needs to be done to provide Courageous with a permanent home. Any donation you give will be gratefully received. Finances are being managed by the RNRMC and any funds donated above the target figure will be given to the RNRMC SMF charity.


Please forward to all your submariner friends & colleagues

Kind regards

Pitt.k (former naval person)               


Aug 2020